Saturday, June 20, 2009

And That's A Wrap!

Hello, everyone, its Amanda Callihan! Its my first post for the Nameless blog! Yeah! 

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, that today was the end of filming/directing/acting for "The Spy Movie: The Big One!"  And finally! I thought this day would never come!  Not that the TSM, as we fondly call it here at the Studios, was a waste of my life or a bad experience or anything, because honestly, I think it was quite the opposite. Though it probably caused me the most prolonged stressful period of my existence, I feel that this has really changed the way we do movies.  

First of all, this thing had a massive screenplay from the very beginning, which Sarah Kendall, Robert Fleitz and I starting writing in the summer of 2007.  That being said, it also is THE MOST worked on and labored over project....of all time.  

But, once the film is released, and you see the fabulous acting, the amazing cinematography, and phenomenal special effects, I know you'll love it!

Now that its over though, its just like, "What do I do with myself now? I have nothing to complain about, or to storyboard, or to shot-number, or to film, or no actors to yell at while production's going on, or no one to call up and invite over...What do I DO with myself!?!?!?!"  And honestly..............that's a good filming. But its also a sad feeling. I hate it when things have to end.  :)  Tear....OH WELL!

Just wait till you see the film though. As that one guy in "My Super Sweet Quinceanera" said..."Its off the hooook." However, I cannot end this post without naming just a few of my special helpers.   
     -Robert Fleitz: Thanks for just always moving forward, especially when I'm so disfunctional and off somewhere working with costumes, and also for just being there to support me in this filming, and listening to my complaints and shouts.  :)  Not to mention that this whole film was your idea!  
     -Sarah Kendall: Girl, thank you ever so much for being on MY side when we were all talking about terminating this film when production got slow.  Also, it was you who took our storyline and made it bigger and better than we could have imagined it.  Your acting's amazing, and thank your Mom also.  
     -Emily Hurban: Emily!  Thank you so much for coming to the boring filming shoots and just hangin' out and being in this movie.  You have the funniest parts, and when this movie's done, we'll sit together and laugh at it all.  Before this movie, I really didn't see you a lot, except in filming the original "Spy Movie" and such, but I really think that because of this one, we've be brought closer together as friends.  I luv ya, girl!  :D
     -Julia Sedloff: I must say, you took over the role of "Isabella" like it was nothing, and even though Emily Hurban's shoes are hard to fill, you definitely brought something to the role that just made this movie! Thanks for being in it with us, Julia.
     -Ga and Gramps: How many days did I say, "Oh, hey...can the student body of Harrison come over on Saturday?" or "Hey...can you drive us to...." or "Hey, there's gonna be 8 people for lunch, can we have pizza?" Well.  Now, I just want to say, "Hey, thanks for allowing all those people to come to our house and film.  This movie's awesome, largely in part because of you." I LOVE YOU!  :) [virtual hug]

Catcha ya'll later! 

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