Friday, November 27, 2009

New Season Commences Filming!

Hey everyone! Sorry, its been forever and a day since Nameless Studios last had a post worthy of...well, posting! But I'll just tell you a couple thing that have been happening here lately!

First of all, today was the new Callihan and Kendall-written production, tentatively titled "The Fairy Tale Movie"'s first day of filming! The film features new additions to the Nameless lot in Skyler Knopp, Baron Simmons, and Joey Wells (among others) and old favorites like Sabrina Morby and Angel Lee. Considering there were difficulties with the boom mic (another new feature of this season), the day went smoothly, was fun, and overall was fantastic on the whole! Keep checking back for updates and hopefully some FOOTAGE! :D

Also, tomorrow, Sabrina Morby's new film "Visitor" will start its own production. Details on this film have mostly been kept under wraps by the director, but tomorrow will shall know much more and maybe if I feel like it, I'll blog again!

Anyway, keep checkin' back for new stuff! Thanks!

Amanda Callihan

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